Genetically modified food has to be labeled starting next year

By Joy Chang ,The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Producers have to put labels such as ��genetically modified�� or ��contains genetically modified ingredients�� on food products starting next year, local media reported yesterday.

Although scientists cannot yet determine whether GM food is harmful to our health, Taiwan’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA, �åͺ֧Q�����~�Ī��޲z�p) announced in June that producers should let customers know if products are genetically modified by labeling the food. Products containing modified soybeans, such as tofu and bean curd, need to be labelled clearly, local media reported. Yen Tsung-hai (�C�v��), a toxicologist at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, said that doctors’ opinions on genetically modified food conflict. However, Yen noted that drinking GM soy milk might trigger allergies and consuming GM food might damage our organs. Hsu Hui-yu (�\�f��), director of the Food and Nutrition Division at the John Tung Foundation (���������|), said that the lower costs of GM food contribute to its proliferation.

Hsu said that financially weak countries rely on GM food to sustain their people. Regarding the ban on GM food from school lunches, Hsu said that the government has to subsidize schools to cover the extra costs or else parents have to pay for the increased price.