Unidentified person commits suicide on Taichung railway

By Joy Chang, The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — As a southbound Tze-Chiang Limited Express (�۱j��) train passed the railroad crossing on Yuantong South Road (���q�n��) in Tanzi District, (���l��) Taichung City yesterday at 11 a.m., a person walked onto the railroad and was hit by the oncoming train, resulting in death.

The person, dressed in a sweater and green sweatpants, was walking toward Zhongshan Road (���s��) when the barriers descended to block his or her way. The person made a detour around the barriers to stand beside the railroad, looking toward Fengyuan Station (�׭쯸) in the north.

As the incoming train, the No. 115 Tze-Chiang Limited Express heading from Keelung to Pingtung, sped toward the person, he or she walked onto the railroad. The conductor tried to brake, but the individual was struck head-on. The person died on the spot.

The train came to a full stop around six hundred meters passed the railroad crossing. Following trains coming from the north were halted. Police said that the person’s body was damaged beyond recognition, adding that a member of staff from a funeral home could not recognize whether the deceased person was a man or woman.

Police said that the person, who did not have any identification cards, might be around 50 to 60 years of age. According to police, the person reportedly committed suicide. On the surveillance tape, the person did not hesitate nor attempt to dodge the train when he or she stepped onto the railroad.

After police finished collecting evidence, the Tze-Chiang Limited Express resumed its original course, transporting more than 500 passengers towards Southern Taiwan at around 12 p.m.