South rife with blue-green tension as elections near

By Joy Chang, The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Campaign staff for Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Chu (����), who is seeking re-election, held a press conference yesterday, saying that the ruling Kuomintang (KMT) spread false rumors concerning the bribery charge that Chen accused then-KMT Kaohsiung mayoral hopeful Huang Jun-ying (���T�^) of in 2006.

The staff members, including Chen campaign executive secretary Chen Chi-yu (���ҬR), said that the KMT disregarded the results of court hearings in 2007 and spread falsehoods, stating that Chen Chu had pressed false charges. Chen Chi-yu said that if such statements about the bribery case are made again, Chen Chu’s campaign office will sue the person voicing such opinions.

KMT mayoral candidate Yang Chiu-hsing (���) said recently that Chen Chu won the election eight years ago by a mere 1,114 votes because of the bribery case.

According to Chen Chu’s campaign office, two suspects involved in the bribery case were indicted in 2007, indicating that Chen Chu did not make false charges against her rival Huang.

KMT Pingtung City Headquarters Director Held over Slogans The Pingtung District Prosecutors Office recently detained Fu Chien-hsiung (�ūض�), director of the KMT headquarters in Pingtung City, over several controversial slogans drafted by the KMT.

Former KMT Pingtung County Headquarters Director Chang Ya-ping (�i����) and caimpaign staffer Huang Wen-cheng (�����F) were released on bail of NT$100,000 and NT$50,000, respectively.

Chang and Huang allegedly sent an email in October stating that Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Pingtung County magistrate hopeful Pan Meng-an (���s�w) and KMT Pingtung County Councilor Lin Yu-hung (�L���i) were having an affair.

The Pingtung Women’s Association Headquarters distributed flyers depicting the slogan, ��Even if you are the reincarnation of Pan An (���w), you cannot wreck another’s marriage,�� in October. Pan Meng-an sued the women’s association, saying that the slogan, containing a name similar to his, slanders his reputation.

The KMT Pingtung County Headquarters released information on Monday stating that any slogans containing the characters Meng (�s), Pan (��) and An (�w) would provoke Pan to sue the distributors, leading to the prosecutors detaining several staff members from the KMT Pingtung County Headquarters. KMT Chiayi County Magistrate Candidate Carried from Protest

KMT Chiayi County magistrate candidate Wong Chung-chun (�έ��v) was involved in a brawl with police and was carried away from the scene during his protest against Chiayi County Magistrate Helen Chang (�i���a) in Chiayi County yesterday. Wong staged his protest in front of the shutdown lawn chair factory in Zhuqi Township (�˱T�m), where Chang, who is seeking re-election, once held the position of general manager.

Wong was protesting against Chang’s intention to demolish the factory and build a hotel. Since Wong did not apply to stage the protest beforehand, police asked him to leave. After Wong refused to leave, police carried him away from the scene.