Prosecutors question Ko campaign office chief

By Chi-hao James Lo ,The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — The Taipei District Prosecutors Office (TDPO, �x�W�x�_�a���k�|�˹��p) yesterday held a hearing over the wiretapping that targeted independent Taipei mayoral candidate Ko Wen-je (�_����). During the hearing prosecutors summoned case plaintiff Chang Ching-sen (�i����) who currently serves as the head of the policy department of Ko’s campaign office, as well as defendants Peng Sheng-shao (�^����), who is an assistant in Ko’s campaign office, and private detectives Wu Te-yi (�d�w�q) and Lin Chun-hung (�L�T��) for cross-examinations. Prior to the hearing, Chang publicly said that he suspects the prosecution of deliberately working against Ko’s campaign. Peng also stated that he has said whatever he needed to say, and that he is not afraid of being arrested. Over the course of the investigation, the prosecution reportedly ran into two important questions. The first is about Wu and Lin’s NT$15,000 fee. The second concerns the reason for the duo deciding to go into hiding following the Ko campaign’s police report. According to Wu and Lin, Wu only accepted NT$12,000 of the NT$15,000 Peng paid. However, the prosecution discovered inconsistencies between the statements of the defendants. The prosecution initially questioned the reason behind the actions of the two gumshoes, stating that Lin’s ability to discover suspicious devices in a massive building proves that he is a skilled professional with a good reputation. As such, the prosecution is concerned about why the duo chose to go into hiding following the incident. Reportedly, the prosecution focused on trying to get the three defendants to answer, hoping to get the truth out of at least one of them. The prosecution’s previous attempt to arrest Wu and Lin was not supported by the court, which allegedly led to the prosecution pursuing the case more ardently. Following the cross-examination, Lin finally confessed that he had indeed installed the said devices in Ko’s campaign office. However, Lin also claimed that the act was completely independent and voluntary, reiterating Peng’s innocence. The prosecution dismissed the hearing later yesterday, citing reasonable doubt. The prosecution said that they do not yet believe Lin’s statement, as they still have questions about the details of the case.

Radio Host Accuses Lien’s Campaign Manager In a personal interview with Ko yesterday, famed media personality Clara Chou (�P���M) accused the campaign of Ko’s opponent, Kuomintang Taipei mayoral candidate Sean Lien (�s�Ӥ�), of conducting possible election bribery. Specifically, Chou accused Lien’s campaign manager Alex Tsai (������) of possibly bribing Lin to sabotage the mayoral hopeful’s campaign. Chou said that the investigator will eventually claim he was hired by Ko, and that the candidate orchestrated the entire incident to the advantage of the campaign. Tsai responded to Chou’s accusations by saying that his lawyer is ready to file charges against the radio host for slandering his reputation.