New Taipei, Taoyuan results contrary to expectations from pre-election polls

By Queena Yen, The China Post

The election outcomes in New Taipei City and Taoyuan County were in stark contrast to opinion poll data gathered by various media and organizations 10 days before the 9-in-1 Elections that took place yesterday. The polls indicated that the ruling Kuomintang (KMT) would easily remain dominant in New Taipei City and Taoyuan County; in addition, many analysts also forecast that the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), the major rival of the KMT, would suffer a major defeat. However, to the surprise of most analysts and pundits yesterday, Eric Chu (���߭�), the incumbent mayor and KMT candidate for the New Taipei City mayoral election, only won by about 25,000 votes against his major opponent Yu Shyi-kun (����堃) of the DPP.

In addition, Cheng Wen-tsan (�G����), the Taoyuan DPP candidate, to the surprise of many defeated John Wu (�d�Ӵ�) by about 30,000 votes, though opinion polls indicated that Wu led Chen by 9-20 percent. In New Taipei City, prevailing opinion was that Chu would decimate Yu at the polls as the KMT candidate was expected to secure at least 100,000 more votes than his opponent. Among the six municipalities, the DPP won five, contradicting the pre-election polls that indicated the KMT would win decisively in New Taipei City and Taoyuan County, illustrating what some have called a loss of trust in the ruling party. As for the remaining 16 counties and cities, the KMT only won in five regions including Hsinchu, Miaoli, Nantou, Taitung and Lienchiang counties, drawing a huge difference with the pre-election polls that forecast the KMT to win at least seven regions. When the polls closed yesterday and the ballots were counted, the KMT lost Hsinchu City and Chiayi City, where the KMT was predicted to win based on the pre-election polls. In addition, although surveys suggested a tight game would be seen in Central Taiwan between the major two parties in Taichung City, Yunlin County and Changhua County, the results revealed that the DPP defeated the KMT by significant margins.