Google buys 84,000 sq. meters of commercial space in Los Angeles


LOS ANGELES–Google is expanding its presence in Los Angeles with the US$120 million purchase of a dozen acres of vacant land in the Playa Vista area on the city’s west side.

The parcel is zoned for nearly 84,000 square meters of commercial space that could house offices or studios, the Los Angeles Times reported Wednesday.

The plot is next to a historic hangar where aviator Howard Hughes built his famous ��Spruce Goose�� airplane. Google also was expected to lease the hangar, which recently housed soundstages for movie and television, according to the newspaper.

The Mountain View-based tech giant wouldn’t detail its plans for the properties.

Three years ago, Google opened a campus in Venice, where it leased 100,000 square feet (10,000 sq. meters) in three buildings for about 600 employees. One of those buildings is the famous Binoculars Building, a three-story office on Main Street designed by architect Frank Gehry.

A Google spokeswoman said the company, which typically likes to expand near its existing properties, will continue to rent the 6,400-square-meter Binoculars Building. Google views the Playa Vista land purchase as a long-term investment and has no particular design in mind for the site, she told the Times.

Google also rents a 12,500-square-meter video production facility for subsidiary YouTube in a renovated former Hughes building in Playa Vista.

Google already has bought or rented about 580,000 square meters of space this year in the San Francisco Bay Area, bringing its total there to 1.4 million square meters, according to real estate brokerage statistics cited by the Times.