Acer outlook positive


TAIPEI–Taiwanese computer maker Acer Inc. (����) forecast Thursday that its telecom solutions subsidiary will not post a loss in its first year of operation.

Acer Octon Inc., which offers cloud-based telephone network solutions, is expected to gain ��a new customer in the coming months,�� Acer founder and honorary chairman Stan Shih (�I���a) told reporters on the sidelines of a seminar being held by Acer’s foundation.

With the acquisition of the new customer account, Acer Octon is unlikely to finish its first year of operation in the red, Shih indicated, at the venue of the second-phase APEC Digital Opportunity Center seminar, dubbed ADOC 2.0.

��We do not expect to show a loss,�� Shih said.

Acer Octon, established in October, is a joint venture between Acer and Octon Inc., a provider of customer services and contact center software.

Under the terms of the partnership, Acer is responsible for setting up the brand and finding new customers, while Octon handles pre-sale and after care services, according to Shih.

Acer, which has booked losses over the past three years, teamed up with Octon to deliver affordable telephone network solutions for mainly small and medium-sized enterprises, as part of Acer’s efforts to expand its business reach in the sagging global PC industry.

The new service integrates Acer’s Build Your Own Cloud (BYOC) applications and Octon’s solutions based on private branch exchange (PBX), a private corporate telephone network.

BYOC is a system that enables users to put together cloud services that manage digital files across Acer PCs and mobile devices.