Police arrest retired teacher murder suspect

By Queena Yen ,The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Kaohsiung police yesterday arrested a 38-year-old suspect, surnamed Liu, in connection with the killing of a 60-year-old retired female teacher, surnamed Kao, whose body was found in her car on Dec. 3. Liu has previously been convicted of fraud. Police said Kao told her family that she was going to the market last Wednesday; the family became worried when she did not return home. Using the GPS system on Kao’s phone to ascertain her whereabouts, her family reportedly found her body in her car around Zuoying District with a fatal head wound that is suspected to have been caused by a hammer blow. Police formed a special team to investigate the matter after the family reported the incident. Following an inspection of evidence from the crime scene and a review of surveillance footage, police targeted a motorcyclist who had traveled around the neighborhood that day. According to police, the suspect seemed to have been wandering around the scene for hours, trying to find a suitable target.

Surveillance footage reportedly shows a minor accident occurring between the victim’s car and the motorcycle of the suspect. Authorities believe that the suspect followed Kao after the accident. Using the video, police discovered that the suspect changed his clothes after committing the murder and left the crime scene on the same motorcycle. Police also found a hammer, which is thought to be the murder weapon, at the scene. Members of the investigation unit went to hardware stores around the area to trace the source of the weapon. After checking the identification number on the item, police discovered that a local store had sold the same hammer one day before the crime, said investigators.

After checking surveillance tapes from the store, authorities confirmed that the man who bought the hammer was the same person who was seen wandering around Zuoying District at the time of the incident; they later confirmed this person to be Liu, said police.

Police stated they will continue with their investigations.

Potential Motivation After his arrest, Liu reportedly said that he recently broke up with his girlfriend. He also stated that he was drunk and in a bad mood when he ran into the victim, according to police. Authorities said Liu claimed that he committed the crime on impulse and did not mean to commit murder.