Esther Yang strives for stardom with a purpose

By Chi-hao James Lo, The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — With tears in her eyes, Esther Yang (�����s) made her entrance on the hit Taiwanese television series ��Love, Now�� (���u�R�X�{�b��) next to renowned veteran actor Shen Meng-sheng (�H�s��). In the blink of an eye, Yang was laughing brightly as her mischievous and optimistic character was quickly revealed. The long-running television drama quickly garnered Yang a solid fan group who adores her and the happy-go-lucky character that is reflected through her acting. The actor’s capabilities have since gained her widespread positive recognition, providing her with opportunities to appear on screen internationally in countries like Singapore, with plenty of praise for her natural performance style. Though the TV series marked Yang’s official wide-release debut on the Taiwanese television scene, the young actor was by no means a stranger to the silver screen. If anything, the breakthrough opportunity only featured a fraction of what the actor has to offer, as her talents have long been refined through hard work and training since her initial on-camera experience at the age of 15. Yang first caught the eyes of two different agents in Taiwan when she appeared on the renowned Taiwanese television show Guess Guess Guess (�ڲq�ڲq�ڲq�q�q). The natural composure and command over the camera of the young 15 year old intrigued her then-agent to feature her in four different commercials. But the story of Yang is more than meets the eye. Unlike most people who chase after the chance to be on screen and shoot to stardom, Yang humbly pursues performance as her career out of love for the craft and not to court popularity. Even moving abroad to the United States did not stop the determined youth from continuing to work hard to become the performer that she is today in her home country of Taiwan. ��I always loved performing from a very young age,�� Yang said. ��I used to create scenes by myself to sing and to act, which basically allowed me to know that what I want to do with my life is to be a performer.�� Yang continued to work hard to build on her experiences, even after migrating to Texas with her family. Even while attending Dulles High School and the University of Houston, Yang kept putting forth effort to improve and refine her natural gift. The actress went on to appear in various projects by popular demand in mainland China when she had the chance, which cemented her desire to pursue performance as her career of choice. The decision eventually led Yang to start her own independent life in China to continue training so that audiences may one day see Yang at her best. A Year of Self-reflection

The year that followed Yang’s graduation from college was a period of self-realization and development. Unlike her previous experiences, opportunities for Yang to take the stage were surprisingly scarce.