PFP chief Soong agrees to be Ko’s chief consultant

By Amy Chyan, The China Post

People First Party (PFP, �˥���) Chairman James Soong (������) has accepted Taipei City Mayor-elect Ko Wen-je’s (�_����) invitation to become the Taipei City Government’s chief consultant yesterday. Soong said that he will be ��offering some advice�� without demanding payment, and he ��does not need a title.�� Ko praised Soong and his past Taiwan Provincial Government team (�x�W�٬F���ζ�) for being publicly recognized as the most administratively effective group. Ko said he has a lot to learn from Soong and he would be honored to be able to consult Soong, his political senior, with questions when he takes office.

When asked about Ko’s numerous blunt public responses, Soong said that Ko has a straightforward personality prone to rapid-fire thoughts. Soong said that unlike conventional political figures who only divulge half of what they are thinking, Ko is the opposite with his candid speech.

Soong acknowledged Ko’s style of problem solving, taking into account his profession as a doctor that requires on-the-spot decision making. However, since Ko has been elected as Taipei mayor, Soong advised Ko to look at the big picture, since a lot of Taipei’s policies are associated with the central government and need to be integrated into the whole. Three Necessary People

For Ko’s Office

Soong suggested that Ko employ three kinds of people in his administration that are very important for a successful office. The first being an individual who is capable of aligning bureaus and coordinating with the Central Government, which Soong said incoming First Deputy Mayor Teng Chia-chi (�H�a��) is perfectly fit for. The second would be someone who records Ko’s public statements and follows up on the progress of each political promise that Ko makes. The third person that Soong thinks is crucial for Ko’s team is a spokesperson who will be able to speak to the public on behalf of Ko.

Ko won over the votes of citizens with his genuine personality, and that is something he cannot lose, said Soong. It is important for Ko to be himself, he added, but he will need to organize his thoughts and speak carefully.

Before even being officially sworn into office, Ko has already met with incumbent Taipei Mayor Hau Lung-bin (�q�s�y), re-elected New Taipei City Mayor Eric Chu (���߭�), Taoyuan City Mayor-elect Cheng Wen-tsan (�G����), Keelung City Mayor-elect Lin Yu-chang (�L�k��) and re-elected Yilan Magistrate Lin Tsung-hsien (�L�o��).