Wang’s status in KMT not on today’s agenda

By Katherine Wei ,The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Acting Kuomintang (KMT) Chairman Wu Den-yi (�d���q) said yesterday that the proposed withdrawal of Legislative Yuan Speaker Wang Jin-pyng’s (������) membership appeal will not be on the party’s agenda for its meeting today. The chairman’s remarks were quoted by Wang himself, who was stripped of his KMT membership last September over his supposed meddling in a legal case involving an opposition lawmaker. The revocation of his membership would also have cost Wang his post as Legislative Yuan speaker, which he has held for some 14 years.

The tug of war between the speaker and his party has been going on for over a year. Wang’s meddling was discovered by the Special Investigation Division through the wiretapping of a Legislative Yuan telephone line, and Wang reacted by filing for a court injunction that allowed him to retain his position in the party while a verdict on his lobbying was being considered. The speaker won the injunction application, also filing a civil lawsuit and asking the court to back the legitimacy of his membership after he was released on a near-NT$10-million bail, to which the KMT filed for a counter-appeal. In March 2014, the Taipei District Court ruled in favor of Wang retaining his membership, and the KMT �X headed by then-Chairman Ma Ying-jeou �X in turn filed for an appeal two months later. Seeing that the Taiwan High Court produced the same verdict in September, Ma proceeded to order another appeal the following month.

Wang Qualifies for Chairman Vacancy Voices among the KMT have been calling for the party to drop the appeal filed against Wang, including Vice Chairwoman Huang Hui-min (���f��).

KMT officials have also confirmed that even if the party insisted on filing for an appeal regarding Wang’s case, his membership is still protected by a court injunction, which in turn makes him eligible for the chairman position vacated by Ma. In response to calls within the party in support of him running for the top position, Wang said that he would ��respect the party’s decision, but he is qualified to run for it now if he wanted to.�� Staying true to his previous statement, Wang insisted yesterday that he still refuses to ��listen or ask�� about the chairman position, yet many pointed out that he did not refuse to step in as chairman outright. TV personality Clara Chou has announced that she will be running for the position as well.