Taichung gets new deputies, along with ex-MOTC chief with baggage

By Enru Lin, The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Greater Taichung Mayor-elect Lin Chia-lung (�L���s) yesterday named three deputy mayors including Lin Ling-san (�L���T), no relation, who was embroiled in a bribery scandal during his tenure as transportation minister under Chen Shui-bian (������). Yesterday at the Taichung City Council, Lin Chia-lung announced his three deputies: the former transportation minister, Industrial Park Association President Chang Kuang-yao (�i����); and Pan Wen-zhong (���婾), who has served as vice president of the National Academy for Educational Research (���a�Ш|���s�|). The appointment of Lin Ling-san, 70, came as a surprise to local observers. Called out of retirement, the former Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC) chief will serve as deputy minister in order to provide a solution to Greater Taichung’s traffic problems, Lin Chia-lung said. Lin Ling-san is known as the longest-serving MOTC chief under the Chen Shui-bian administration. He was indicted but never convicted over accepting bribes in relation to the ministry’s electronic toll collection (ETC) project. Lin Ling-san and his personal secretary, Sung Nai-wu (���D��), were accused of accepting over NT$700,000 in bribes and leaking classified documents to Far Eastern prior to the ETC bidding, according to Taipei prosecutors. Sung was sentenced in 2006, but Lin was never charged. In 2009, the Control Yuan voted to impeach the former transportation chief for illegally investing in the Taiwan High Speed Rail Corp. and its operations. As Lin Ling-san had already left office, the impeachment had no effect. Mayor-elect Confident The mayor-elect said yesterday that he was aware of the controversy prior to recruiting the retired official, but that he is confident in his pick. The primary grievance of the people of Greater Taichung is transportation, and recruiting Lin Ling-san was a response to public opinion, Lin said. Lin Chia-lung said his administration’s white paper on transportation had been drafted by Lin Ling-san, who initially expressed his wish to serve as consultant only. The mayor-elect said he first attempted to recruit Lin Ling-san as head of transportation, construction, tourism or other bureaus. On Monday, he finally persuaded the ex-chief to accept a post as one of three deputy mayors. Prepared to Pass Baton:

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