Sunflower starlet allegedly offers sex for cash in HK

By Chi-hao James Lo, The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — A popular female participant in the Sunflower Movement yesterday reached out to her online friends and fan base on Facebook, seeking recommendations for legal counsel to represent her against an individual from Hong Kong who allegedly leaked a controversial video to local Chinese-language tabloid Next Magazine (���g�Z) in which she purportedly solicits money for sex. Johanne Liou (�B���w) received widespread media attention for being the victim of sexual harassment when her photo was displayed by local TV personality Peng Hua-gan (�^�طF) during a guest appearance on CtiTV’s talk show News Tornado (�s�D�s����).

During the program, Peng interacted in a lewd manner with Liou’s photo from the Sunflower Movement. The program and Peng eventually made a public apology for his behavior. Liou has since received more media attention for her looks, but also for the controversy revolving around her personal life. Following the Sunflower Movement, Liou was the center of tabloid news for her alleged superstition and divorce. Reportedly Liou divorced her former husband, claiming that she would need to remarry the him because a fortune teller notified her that she would have two marriages in her life. According to a friend of Liou’s former husband, Liou took the couple’s daughter and left the man almost penniless. During a public appearance to respond to allegations that Liou misappropriated donations from a foundation that she founded, Liou claimed that her divorce was a result of domestic violence. Liou also stated that the financial complications of her foundation were her mistake as well as her foundation’s lack of legal approval. Liou Alleged by Local Tabloid to Solicit Money for Sex Most recently, Liou was alleged by Next Magazine to have solicited sex for money in a transaction with an individual from Hong Kong. The magazine also provided video evidence that was allegedly shot by the Hong Kong man. The video was edited to depict Liou as the sole speaker in a hotel room. In the video Liou looked as though she was negotiating a price with another person, using innuendo alluding to her body. In response to the video, Liou appealed to Facebook, asking netizens to recommend her legal counsel in light of the Hong Kong man’s claims. In interviews with local media, Liou also admitted to revealing intimate details about herself in a hotel room, but claimed that she had said those things as a ruse to get out of a trap. Liou claimed that she had gone to the destination with the impression that she had a customer interested in purchasing alcohol from her. After becoming more aware of the situation, Liou said she devised a plan to scare away the ��pervert.��