Ko releases preliminary list of department heads

By Chi-hao James Lo, The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Taipei Mayor-elect Ko Wen-je (�_����) yesterday released the first list of personnel rearrangements for his Taipei City Government cabinet, revealing the names of two deputy mayors, his secretary-general and ten department executives. Ko said that this is the first draft of his city government team, and that he is still in search of a commissioner to lead the Department of Finance. Ko welcomed the nominations of the general public, stating that he trusts the eyes of his citizens. During a press conference today, Ko said that his new Department of Urban Development Commissioner Lin Jou-min (�L�w��) has given up his American citizenship to bring his 12 years of New York architecture experience into Taipei. Ko said Lin will aid in elevating Taipei into an international city that will be competitively on par with the more developed nations. Unlike his Taipei City Department of Labor commissioner selection, Ko personally appointed the majority of the names on his new list.

Ko also appointed Su Li-chiung (Ĭ�Rã) as his secretary-general, who is the currently the deputy secretary-general of Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Chu (����). Su has reportedly been selected for her exceptional capabilities. As for the position of chairperson for the Taipei City Government Research, Development and Evaluation Commission, Ko said that he is looking for interested takers on the Internet. A selection committee will also come to formation soon, Ko said, to select potential candidates to fill the position of the city’s Department of Information Technology commissioner.

Concerning the position of the third deputy mayor, Ko reiterated his statements from Thursday stating that he is still waiting for the confirmation of a female entrepreneur. The mayor-elect went on to say that he hopes all executive positions would be finalized and revealed to the public next week. As Ko had publicized that all who work in his cabinet must be independent from any political parties like himself, local media questioned the mayor-elect yesterday on the reason behind hiring such a larger amount of former Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) members into his cabinet.