US meat exporters team with Regent Taipei to promote value prized cuts

By Chi-hao James Lo, The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — The U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF, ���������X�f���|) recently partnered with the Regent Taipei hotel to launch and promote inexpensive cuts of American corn-fed beef that will be imported into the Taiwanese market. Of the various economical kinds of beef that are being promoted, three cuts are new to the Taiwanese market. The USMEF has stated that they wish the plate fingers, petite tenders and clod hearts would be popular in Taiwan, as the three cuts could be incorporated into local cuisines.

As statistics have shown that the price of American beef has risen by 22 percent as of August this year, the three inexpensive cuts are also marketed to combat price inflation as a result of global agricultural difficulties. The USMEF also hopes that the cuts will boost the popularity of American imported beef. USMEF Taipei office director Davis Wu (�d����) said that the cuts would be fully promoted to the general public in 2015. Each cut would be priced between NT$250 to NT$550 per kilogram, which is 50 percent cheaper than the currently popular rib eye, fillet, and boneless ribs. Wu also said that all three of the new cuts come from healthy parts of cows with very low fat. According to Wu, such cuts are perfect for Chinese, Japanese and Thai cuisines since they are very suitable to be prepared stewed, boiled, stir-fried and grilled. In partnership with the USMEF, the Regent Taipei created signature Asian dishes to display how well the three newly featured cuts could be complemented in Asian cuisines. The Regent Taipei’s deputy executive chef Liu Chun-cheng (�B�T��) was tasked with designing the dishes, and came up with four variations to incorporate the meats.

Liu designed the petite tender using the Thai style of cooking, prepping the meat alongside a cut of super pastrami. For the clod heart, the chef incorporated the Taiwanese style of soup preparation to complement the leanness of the meat. The plate fingers have been selected to be prepared with Japanese curry for how well the texture of the cut could elevate Japanese-style curry rice. To further promote the merits of U.S. beef, Liu also prepared to extra dishes to advertise the quality of American short ribs, rib eye and strip sirloin.

In a press conference on Friday, Dec. 12, Wu publicly stated that there are currently over 280 cuts of American beef. The USMEF Taipei director also stated that he wishes all of the cuts could be on the Taiwanese market in the near future, so the nation can come to enjoy the beef from corn-fed American cows.