Jolin Tsai shares kiss with actress in new MV to promote tolerance


TAIPEI — Pop diva Jolin Tsai’s (���̪L) newest music video features her first-ever on-screen kiss �X with a woman.

The soon-to-be released video for her song ��We’re All Different, Yet The Same,�� shows the 34-year-old Tsai and 38-year-old actress Ruby Lin (�L�ߦp) as a lesbian couple which shares not only a kiss, but goes on to get married and spend 30 happy years together.

The emotional climax of the story comes when, decades later, one of the women cannot sign her significant other’s hospital papers to allow an emergency surgery because she is not a legal spouse or family member.

It is likely to hit a note �X whether sympathetic or otherwise �X in Taiwan, where same-sex marriage has become a major issue of discussion.

Taiwan is widely considered to be one of Asia’s most open countries for gay culture, but many oppose legalizing same-sex marriage based on traditional values and religious beliefs.

Tsai at least seems to think her on-screen romance is no big deal, including the kissing scene, which reportedly took an hour to film and will likely draw the most attention.

��People used to tell me that I look like Ruby Lin. I finally met her today, and we kissed on our first meeting,�� Tsai said of the filming.

The music video will be released Tuesday on Tsai’s official YouTube channel.