Ko ex-advisors protest at office of Taipei mayor-elect

By Chi-hao James Lo, The China Post

Ko Wen-je’s (�_����) former municipal advisor Yen Hung-ya (�F�E��) led a group of cultural enthusiasts to the office of Taipei’s mayor-elect yesterday to protest against the alleged upcoming appointment of Ni Chung-hua (�٭���) �X Taiwan’s ��godfather of live concerts�� �X as head of Taipei’s Cultural Affairs Department. Yen, better known by his pen-name as a poet Hung Hung (�E�E), stated before leading the rally outside of Ko’s office that he, as someone who served as a member of the Taipei City Cultural Affairs Department Commissioner Selection Committee, will expose the flaws behind the commissioner-selection process. During the rally, the poet and his colleagues pointed out two major flaws in the selection process. First, Yen questioned the legitimacy of Ni’s candidacy, stating that Ni did not meet the necessary candidacy criteria.

The candidate selection committee is made up of 14 members, Yen explained, and no applicant to the position could be eligible to become a candidate without receiving the approval of at least two-thirds of the committee. According to Yen, Ni placed third in the total vote count, receiving only nine votes of approval, which meant that the applicant did not qualify as a candidate. However Selection Committee Convener Lee Ming-tsung (������) announced Ni’s candidacy without any discussions with other committee members, and for that Yen apologized to the general public, citing inspection error on his part. Yen then claimed that the second flaw in the selection involved a pre-determined voting process. The poet claimed that Ni was brought into Ko’s office to nominate nine individuals to act as members of the Cultural Department commissioner election. However, Ni then became an applicant and received nine votes. Yen’s protest marked the second internal protest against Ni’s alleged upcoming appointment, with the first being the mass resignation of six of Ko’s municipal advisors, including Yen. Ko to Release New

Cabinet List Today In light of the various difficulties faced during the cabinet selection process, Ko is set to release the most updated list today. The mayor-elect has faced generally negative reviews toward his process of cabinet selection, as well as for the candidates he chose to announce. Aside from the drama that resulted from his Department of Cultural Affairs commissioner selection, Ko also was under fire for the I-Voting difficulties regarding Department of Labor commissioner selection. In response to the negative criticisms, Ko stated yesterday that he has personally followed all legal protocols to form his cabinet list. As for the commissioner of the Department of Cultural Affairs, Ko said that he will seek the advice from his press department to formulate a satisfactory solution for the general public.