Acer hopeful of renewed growth in the global PC market: chairman


TAIPEI — Stan Shih (�I���a), founder and honorary chairman of Taiwan’s Acer Inc. (����), said Wednesday that the PC maker is showing signs of regaining its growth momentum, thanks to its organizational restructuring.

Shih, who returned as Acer chairman in November 2013 and handed over the position to George Huang in June, said employee morale has improved since the company changed its corporate culture.

Externally, Acer saw some profit in the first three quarters of 2014, which was not an easy task for a company in the midst of restructuring, Shih said.

��The results actually are not perfect, but I think it’s not easy because it requires the full efforts of all our employees, in an unfavorable external environment,�� Shih said at a press briefing the day before his 70th birthday.

��But the fundamentals are in place to soar again to new heights,�� he said.

Acer, the world’s fourth-largest PC maker, has reported losses for three consecutive years amid sagging PC sales and the growing popularity of tablet computers.

Shih said it will take some time to instill in the company’s employees its three new core concepts �X thinking based on user demand, maintaining enthusiasm to change the world and seeking a balance of all partners’ interests �X which were discussed at a meeting of Acer executives two weeks ago.

The honorary chairman said his birthday wishes are to help Acer though this challenging time, contribute more to improving Taiwan’s competitiveness in the long term, and to stay healthy.

Acer reported operating income of NT$1.10 billion (US$36.27 million) and an operating margin of 1.3 percent for the third quarter, showing a profit for the third straight quarter and the highest margin in three quarters.

In a statement on Nov. 6, Acer said its performance resulted from ��a good product mix, new product launches and back-to-school demand.��

The company also said it expected to maintain its steady growth momentum in the fourth quarter amid seasonal promotions.

Acer shares ended down 2.13 percent at NT$20.65 in Taipei Wednesday.