Sea of flowers greeting visitors to yearly festival in Hualien, Taitung


TAIPEI–The annual ��sea of flowers�� festival has kicked off in eastern Taiwan, with vast fields of flowers in 12 townships in Taitung and Hualien counties providing tourists unique panoramas.

The event opened with the launch of a three-hectare landscaped garden in Hualien City, according to the Eastern Region Branch of the Agriculture and Food Agency.

In Shoufeng Township, another garden has been created with Wax Begonia and African touch-me-not, accompanied by scarlet sage, Mexican marigold, flowering kale, sage and poinsettia.

According to Tseng Shu-yi, an official with the Shoufeng Farmers’ Association, there are 20 hectares of Mexican aster of different colors in bloom in the township, and there will be more than 100 hectares of rapeseed flowers sprouting up prior to the spring plowing season.

The flower fields are expected to remain in full bloom until the Lunar New Year holiday in February.