Londoners flock to early hours disco before work

By Edouard Guihaire, AFP

LONDON — At dawn before commuting to his job in London’s business district Canary Wharf, 26-year-old Nathaniel Hone joins hundreds of revelers at a dance party fueled only by coffee and smoothies. At 6:15 a.m. in trendy Bethnal Green, where art galleries prevail over the franchises common elsewhere in the capital, the dark streets are almost deserted under the drizzle on a recent visit. At the end of an alleyway lined with graffiti of wide-eyed owls runs the Regent’s Canal, overlooked by the metal skeleton of an old gasworks, shaped like an amphitheater. A line of morning revelers is waiting patiently at the entrance of the Oval Space, a 560 square meter (6,000 square foot) venue with the feel of an old warehouse. Welcome to ��Morning Gloryville��: an alcohol-free disco held before party-goers head to work. ��Morning Gloryville started a year and a half ago. We only had about twenty-six people at the first event,�� said co-founder Samantha Moyo, 26. ��Now we’re attracting a thousand people per event, and we’re in 16 cities all over the world,�� including Bangalore, New York, Paris and Tokyo. Babies and children can ��rave�� for free �X provided the infants wear earmuffs against the pulsing club music. Moyo describes it as ��basically partying without drink and drugs.�� Instead of beer or cocktails, those who attend can avail of a bar offering smoothies such as the ��Incredible Hulk,�� a green concoction made of apple, banana, lemon, spinach and spirulina �X an algae touted as a nutritious dietary supplement. Fancy Dress