Constitutional interpretation sought over gay marriage


TAIPEI–A Taiwanese man said Wednesday that he plans to seek a constitutional interpretation of a case in which he has been seeking recognition of his same-sex union in Taiwan since the 1980s.

The decision by Chi chia-wei, who is also known as Dayway Chief, came two days after a legislative committee began review of a same-sex marriage bill in Taiwan for the first time.

Joining a wave of recent calls for the legalization of same-sex unions in Taiwan, Chi made the statement at a press conference that was attended by other gay rights activists and his lawyers in front of the Judicial Yuan.

He told CNA that he and his lawyers are likely to file for a constitutional interpretation of his legal status next January after they have prepared the relevant documents.

Chi said homosexuals have been proven clinically to be normal people and that marriage is something normal.

��Why can’t normal people be allowed to do normal things?�� he said.

The union between Chi and his partner took place at a ceremony in Taipei in 1988.

Since then, they have been pursuing several legal channels to have their union recognized in Taiwan as a legal marriage.

In March last year, he and his partner tried to register their marriage at the Wanhua District household registration office in Taipei but their application was turned down.