Swissray Healthcare lists shares at NT$50 on the GreTai Market

The China Post news staff

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Swissray Healthcare Holding Ltd. Chairman Lee Tsu-der (�����w) was awarded an award in technical management yesterday by the Chinese Society for Management of Technology (CSMOT, ���إ������޺޲z�Ƿ|). The award is the highest honor the organization has to offer, and was given to Lee for his excellent performance in leading Taipei Medical University’s transformation into a system that promotes medical education as well as good service. The CSMOT also praised Lee’s successful attempt to bring Swissray, a local medical brand, into the international medical market. Medical diagnostic imaging company Swissray Healthcare Holding Ltd. (also known as Swissray Global) officially debuted its stock at NT$50 per share on the General Stock Board at GreTai Market Securities Market Tuesday, according to a press release of the company. With the growing demand for X-ray systems in the Asia-Pacific region, Swissray is determined to penetrate into the Asia-Pacific and China markets with its high-end imaging system and integrated core technology; in addition, the company is dedicated to developing specific medical diagnostic imaging systems to target emerging markets, the company stated.

Swissray X-ray systems have currently received the approval of the CFDA, and the company is expecting a significant increase in sales next year. In the future, Swissray does not rule out the possibility of setting up manufacturing facilities in China to better position itself in the medical diagnostic imaging market.

According to an Espicom Business Intelligence Research Report, it is projected that the market of China medical imaging devices, including digital X-ray systems, MRI, CT and ultrasound systems will maintain at an 18-percent compound annual growth rate from 2013-2018; furthermore, the market size will generate more than 15.8 billion U.S. dollars in 2018. Digital X-ray systems rely on certain features such as low-dose radiation, high efficiency, high stability, user-friendly operation and cloud service technology, said Swissray.

Digital X-ray systems have gradually replaced conventional X-ray systems, and they have become a front-line diagnostic necessity in modern hospitals. With the majority of Chinese medical institutions still using conventional X-ray systems, the market demand will likely intensify with the new reforms in health care systems in China.

Swissray’s automatic and manual C-armed digital C-ray systems have officially entered the Chinese market, and the company has targeted class-3AAA hospitals to channel its sales, said Swissray.