Chen Wei-ting exits Miaoli by-election

By Enru Lin ,The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Chen Wei-ting (������) yesterday announced his exit from the Miaoli County legislative by-election and said he has not fully disclosed past acts of sexual harassment. Earlier this week, Chen told The Liberty Times that he has a police record for two acts of inappropriate sexual contact with women while he was an undergraduate student. Yesterday morning, an anonymous netizen accused Chen of a third sexual harassment incident against a female high-school student on the Taipei MRT. Chen held a press event later yesterday to address the claim and to announce his decision to withdraw from the Miaoli race. Seated next to fellow Sunflower Movement leader Lin Fei-fan (�L���|) in Miaoli, Chen told local media he had committed other acts of sexual harassment. ��I reported two incidents, but I have to admit I did not fully disclose all the things I did in the past … I could not talk about all the incidents at once,�� Chen said. Chen said he has undergone a change of heart through psychological therapy, but that he believed his past could hurt his campaign in the future. ��If I stay in the race, my personal faults may cast a dark shadow over the campaign and prevent us from clearly presenting our (political) demands. So I have decided to withdraw from the election.��

Claim on PTT Yesterday morning, a netizen going by the handle ��loverxa�� posted a veiled accusation against Chen for groping a female student when he was a student at Taipei Municipal Jianguo High School. ��I had a dream last night … in my dream, my good friend was in high school and someone groped her chest on the MRT,�� the netizen wrote on the web-based bulletin board PTT. ��She hit him on the spot and asked for his student ID as evidence, in return for her not reporting him to the police,�� the netizen continued. The post was accompanied by a photograph of a high-school student ID that allegedly belongs to Chen. After the story broke on mainstream media, Chen’s campaign team cancelled his policy seminar in Miaoli County, scheduled for 6:30 p.m. Shortly afterward Chen announced his withdrawal from the Miaoli race.

DPP Seeking Replacement Chen had campaigned for Miaoli’s second electoral district seat as an independent backed by the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP). Late yesterday, the DPP opened an ad hoc meeting on seeking a new candidate for the district. Campaign Committee convener Su Jia-chyuan (Ĭ�ť�) said the party will support a ��suitable candidate�� nominated by civic organizations. If no suitable candidate is nominated, the party headquarters will nominate its own, likely Legislator-at-Large Wu Yi-chen (�d�y��).