Lu goes on hunger strike over refusal of Chen’s medical parole

By Amy Chyan, The China Post

Former Vice President Annette Lu (�f�q��) started fasting yesterday to protest against the rejection of former President Chen Shui-bian’s (������) medical parole approval.

Lu said that she is fasting for Chen’s health and freedom by sacrificing her own wellbeing.

Many showed up to support Lu in front of the National Taiwan Museum, including Chen’s son Chen Chi-chung (���P��), Chen’s two sisters, Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Secretary-General Joseph Wu (�d�x��), DPP former Secretary-General Su Jia-chyuan (Ĭ�ť�), Chiayi Mayor Twu Shiing-jer (�\����) and Taipei City Councilor Chiang Chi-ming (���ӻ�). While imprisoned for the Kaohsiung Incident (���R�q�ƥ�), Lu went on hunger strike while demanding an opportunity to see her sick mother, which the Kuomintang (KMT) denied.

Lu scolded the DPP and said that if it is not able to save Chen, then it will be hard for citizens to believe that the party can save Taiwan. �@ Chen Discussed Funeral Arrangements: Tsai Tsai said that Chen has already discussed funeral arrangements with a senior member of the DPP. According to Tsai, Chen said that if he passes away in prison, he wants his body to be returned to Taipei and driven along Ketagalan Boulevard before being returned to his hometown of Tainan.

Tsai said that for the sake of the harmony of the nation, the government should consider Chen’s health condition and permit his medical parole as soon as possible.

Chen Chi-chung said that Lu has visited his father consistently for the past six years and has shown tremendous effort during their friendship. Chen Chi-chung said that during his visits, his father has said that he hopes Lu suspends the idea of a hunger strike. Chen Chi-chung said that getting his father home for treatment is the priority and the route to get there is secondary. �@ Respect Ministry of Justice’s Decision: Presidential Office Presidential Office spokeswoman Ma Wei-kuo (��޳��) said yesterday that the office has acknowledged Lu’s request and advised her against engaging in a hunger strike. Ma added that the Presidential Office respects the decisions of the Ministry of Justice has made based on the law and medical advisors.

When asked about Lu’s decision to go on hunger strike, former President Lee Teng-hui (���n��) said that Lu has reached her own conclusion. Lee said that his only opinion is that Chen Shui-bian’s application for medical parole should be handled according to the law.