Rare snowfall atop Hehuan Mountain causes two injuries

By Zane Kaheir, The China Post

Rare snowfall atop Nantou County’s (�n�뿤) Hehuan Mountain (�X�w�s) resulted in two injuries due to a traffic collision yesterday morning. At around 9:20 a.m., the temperature at the top of the mountain dipped below zero, causing precipitation to turn into snowfall. The snow caused traffic to build up and negatively affected visibility on the road. The traffic collision was ultimately caused by the road being wet and slippery. Police advised drivers in the area to be extra cautious. According to the Nantou County Fire Department, an 18-year-old male from Taichung was thrown from his motorbike after being hit by a small passenger vehicle at 7 a.m yesterday. He was taken by paramedics to Taichung Veterans General Hospital (�x���a���`���|) as he claimed he could not walk due to an injury to his lower back. A 30-year-old male passenger in the vehicle suffered an injured foot and was sent to the hospital for treatment. Following the accident, police reminded drivers that roads in the mountainous area are narrow and slippery. Police warned that the snow is likely to mean an increased number of visitors, while the high level of precipitation is sure to make visibility limited.

According to the Central Weather Bureau, as of 7 p.m. last night the Hehuan Mountain area had a temperature below freezing and a humidity level of 99 percent. Today’s weather forecast predicts a cold yet clear sky.