KMT discipline committee aims to ‘expel membership’ of Clara Chou

By Amy Chyan ,The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — The Kuomintang’s (KMT) Evaluation and Discipline Committee (EDC, �Ҭ��|) unanimously decided after their discussion yesterday to ��expel�� media critic Clara Chou’s (�P���M) party membership. According to a KMT member, the next step will be for the party to review the EDC’s proposal to ��expel�� Chou’s party membership at the Central Standing Committee meeting today before an official decision is made.

The KMT’s Taipei chapter collected evidence relevant to verbal attacks Chou has made toward the KMT within the last six months and will be recommending punishment according to the party’s charter. The party’s Taipei chapter will be sending their report to the KMT’s Central Committee.

Chou to Appeal Decision Chou posted a response on her Facebook page yesterday after hearing about the potential expulsion of her KMT party membership.

Chou said that due to the KMT’s questionable actions taken to expel her party membership, she will be going to the Taipei District Court with her lawyer today at 11 a.m. to appeal the KMT’s decision.

The KMT’s Central Committee has not made a comment about Chou’s court appeal. According to a source close to the KMT, Chou’s membership will be ��expelled�� (�}��), though this will remain unconfirmed until the Central Standing Committee meeting today. In comparison, Legislative Yuan Speaker Wang Jin-pyng’s (������) party membership was ��revoked�� (�M�P), which procedurally does not have to go through the Central Standing Committee meeting.

Civil and Criminal Lawsuit

for Chou: Hung President Ma Ying-jeou (���^�E) appointed lawyer Hung Wen-jun (�x���C) to officially provide notice of a civil and criminal lawsuit toward Chou on behalf of Ma at the Taipei District Court yesterday.

Ma is suing Chou in a personal capacity due to Chou’s continued accusation that Ma received political graft from tainted oil manufacturer Ting Hsin (���s).

According to Hung, Ma is seeking NT$10 million in damages and a public apology from Chou printed on the front pages of the ��big four newspapers�� in the civil lawsuit. Ma is suing Chou for ��aggravated defamation�� in the criminal lawsuit, said Hung.

Hung said that Chou’s allegations that Ma accepted Ting Hsin’s political donation is false and has been clarified many times by related personnel. Hung said that the repeated untrue attacks from Chou were what led to the lawsuits.

When asked if Ma would be appearing in court if requested, Hung said that they will proceed according to the law.