Grinch didn’t steal Christmas, and other good news

By Arthur I. Cyr

��Nattering nabobs of negativism,�� is probably the most enduring of the many alliterative pronouncements of Spiro Agnew, vice president in the Nixon administration until forced to resign because of corruption. This particular phrase, penned by Nixon speechwriter William Safire, derogatively denigrated diligent reporters for placing bad news above good. Why, Agnew asked rhetorically, did the malicious media not put priority on the positive? He attacked ��pusillanimous pussyfooters�� allegedly allergic to America. Inspired by the positive points of the spirit of Spiro ��Good News�� Agnew, below is a list of definitive developments that definitely deserve dissemination and discussion. First, democracy is becoming the accepted way of life for the world’s population overall, not just the privileged few. As recently as three decades ago, the people of Latin America lived almost uniformly in various degrees of authoritarian regime.

Today, Castro’s Cuba is literally the only remaining dictatorship in the Americas. Despite pervasive and ruthless state political control, the increasingly desperate need for foreign investment is forcing Havana’s geriatric communists to loosen their iron grip. Reestablishing long-severed diplomatic ties with the U.S. is one result. Even autocratic Hugo Chavez of Venezuela had to face the voters, and near the end of his rule lost on occasion. Once tiny Costa Rica was a beacon of freedom south of our border. Now that light spreads throughout the Americas.

Likewise, reasonably honest and genuinely contested elections are spreading in Africa, Southeast Asia, the former Soviet Union and �X on the local level �X in China. In global context, the dramatic tumultuous ��Arab Spring�� is the latest manifestation of a worldwide drive toward fair representative government. The Korean Peninsula is especially instructive. While attention is focused on the brutal North Korea regime, including an unsuccessful effort to suppress a U.S. satirical film, South Korea continues remarkable economic and political progress.