Armed Forces Museum featuring Thunder Tiger Aerobatics Team


TAIPEI, Taiwan — A months-long exhibition is running in Taipei, offering visitors a glimpse into the development of the Air Force’s Thunder Tiger Aerobatics Team over the past six decades.

Historic photos and documents about the history of the team �X which was established in 1953 �X are on display at the exhibition at the Armed Forces Museum.

These include different types of aircraft that have been used by the team to perform aerobatic maneuvers: the F-84G Thunderjet, the F-86F Sabre, the F-5A and the F-5E fighters. The team now flies locally developed AT-3 jet trainers during their air show missions.

Also on display are the team’s uniforms and historic photos when the team received training and performed airshows in the United States.

There are also photographs and explanations about the establishment of the ROC Air Force.

By looking at photos of each of the flying maneuvers performed by the team, including rolling, tossing and spinning, visitors can have a better idea of the team members’ flight skills.

In addition to photos, documentaries on the aerobatics team are shown at the exhibition, including a short version of a special recently produced by the National Geographic Channel, which was premiered on Jan. 1 in Taiwan.

��The exhibition not only has drawn local visitors but also those from China and other countries,�� said the event’s staff.

��It’s a meaningful exhibition,�� said Chang Cheng, a 41-year-old tourist from China’s northeastern city of Dalian. ��It helps me to learn more about history from another perspective,�� he told CNA on the second day of the exhibition.

The exhibition is running from Dec. 30 to April 30.

The Thunder Tiger Aerobatics Team has performed more than 150 air shows, including at important ceremonial events such as National Day celebrations.