Recovering ex-president not receiving visitors: son

By Zane Kheir, The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Chen Chi-chung (���P��), son of former President Chen Shui-bian (������), yesterday morning stated that his father will not be making any public appearances or taking part in any politically related events. Chen Chi-chung spoke in an exclusive interview with Chou Yu-kou (�P���M), host of Hit FM’s radio talk show ��Kou Kou Breakfast�� (�M�M���\), explaining that on the ride home from Taichung Prison on Monday, his father had a serious problem holding his urine. Chen Shui-bian is still incapable of walking more than a short distance, according to his son. Furthermore, Monday night was the first time Chen Shui-bian had been to the new family home in Kaohsiung. Chen Shui-bian, also known as A-bian, who has spent the last 6 years in prison in Taichung, is still having difficulty adjusting to the outside world, said Chen Chi-chung. Chou asked if the former president will come out and make an appearance, with the former leader’s son responding that for now he will not be leaving the house or seeing any visitors. Any friends or supporters that would like to send their greetings may sign a guest book. However, Chen Chi-chung commented that they are expecting Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je (�_����) to visit A-bian in a few days.

Chen Chi-chung also clarified that the former president’s choice of clothing, including his cap reading ��the Bian case is political persecution�� (���׬O�F�v���`), was deliberate, however, it was also the only cap he had in Taichung Prison. Chen Chi-chung refused to allow his father to make any statement by phone over the radio, saying that it was not appropriate under the guidelines of the medical parole.

Point of Concern

is Chen’s Health: Lo Justice Minister Lo Ying-shay (ù����) made a statement at the Bureau of Investigation (�լd��) saying that Chen Shui-bian’s activity outside of prison must comply with the regulations of medical parole. When questioned by the media about whether Chen Shui-bian will be allowed to make appearances in front of the media, Lo responded that the point of concern should be the former president’s health condition, not his ability to appear in the media. ��If he can’t appear in court, how will he appear on a TV program?�� Lo said. Lo indicated that the majority of patients granted medical parole are cancer patients that are terminally ill, or severely handicapped.

Lo clarified that if the one-month medical parole period is too short, Chen may reapply for an additional one to three months depending on his progress. However, the justice minister said she was not in a position to judge the probability of Chen’s parole being extended. DPP and KMT Comments