Tainan City Speaker Lee to quit politics if found guilty

By Amy Chyan, The China Post

Tainan City Speaker Lee Chuan-chiao (������) said yesterday that if he is found guilty of vote-buying during the city councilor and speaker election, he will withdraw from politics.

Lee, a member of the Kuomintang (KMT), also said that if Tainan City Mayor Lai Ching-te (���M�w) is able to influence justice and render his city speaker position invalid, he will prove his innocence with his death.

Lee has been tangled in a vote-buying controversy for his city speaker position, with prosecutors having filed a case against Lai to reject his victory in the Tainan City speaker election. Lai Refuses Council Meeting, Bashes Chu Tainan City Council held their first impromptu meeting on Jan. 6, which was adjourned after less than half of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) councilors attended.�@ DPP city councilors reportedly boycotted the meeting as a gesture of political integrity. Lai was also not in attendance at the city council meeting, a historical first for a Tainan mayor. Lai held a press conference yesterday afternoon and said that he will not be enter the city council chamber until the judicial system rules on Lee’s vote-buying case. Lai said that his decision not to go to the meeting demands more courage and determination than if he were to attend the meeting. Lai also lambasted New Taipei City and forthcoming KMT Chairman Eric Chu (���߭�) for ��trampling on justice�� when Chu critiqued the judicial system for benefiting specific persons during a chairman campaign rally he hosted in Tainan.

Lai said that Chu demonstrated how he ��embraced black gold�� by singing a song about brotherhood on stage with Lee in Tainan. No Need To Buy Votes: Lee

Lee said that the recent defamation has put him under immense pressure. For the sake of harmony between the local government and the city council, he has held his tongue despite Lai’s continued bluster toward him, said Lee.

According to Lee, Lai influenced the court and prosecutors in their investigation and even sent Tainan’s Deputy Mayor Yen Chun-tso (�C�¥�) to the Tainan District Prosecutors Office on multiple occasions.

Lee said that there was no need for him to buy votes and it is not something he would be a part of.

Lee said that the result of the Tainan city speaker election is a product of the DPP’s internal rift. Lee said that he has no idea why he was able to receive so many votes.