More chaos as desperate fans vie for Jody Chiang concert tickets


TAIPEI–Angry fans eager to get their hands on Jody Chiang (����) farewell concert tickets shouted at each other and tried to force their way into the promoter’s office Wednesday, the third day of chaos in an embarrassing ticketing debacle. Before tickets went on sale at noon, fans with number cards and those without were seen shouting at each other, and police at the building’s entrance tried to keep order as some fans tried to shove their way into the building where the promoter’s office is located.

The dispute arose because Kuang Hong (�e��) Arts Management, the concerts’ promoter, changed its ticket purchasing rules on Tuesday, when it distributed 2,500 number cards to people in line, but only 248 were able to get tickets before the day’s quota was met.

Kuang Hong subsequently announced that the line on Wednesday will begin from No. 249, even though it had originally stipulated that new number cards would be handed out separately on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday �X the three days that tickets were on sale. ��I’ve waited for over 30 hours. I slept here last night. It was cold and rainy,�� said a woman who was angry at Kuang Hong for changing its rule on Tuesday.

Those with number cards, however, urged the promoter to stick to its rule change and honor the number cards it handed out Tuesday. Others who were lined up urged the beleaguered promoter to come out and face the crowd.

In the end, ticket sales began at noon starting with the person who had number card 249, with police looking on.

Tickets also went on sale simultaneously on the official ticketing website and at convenience stores around Taiwan.

The popular Chiang announced on Jan. 2 that she was ending a four-decade singing career this year with 16 farewell concerts over the summer.

The massive push for tickets apparently caught Kuang Hong unprepared, angering fans and prompting appeals for Chiang to hold more concerts to satisfy the huge demand.