2 shot dead in Ximending parking garage

By Enru Lin ,The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Two men aged 21 and 24 have been found fatally shot in a car at a Ximending (�����m) parking garage, city police reported yesterday. A parking garage attendant found the two dead men in the back seat of a black vehicle, said Sun Fu-tso (�]�֦�), chief of the Wanhua Police Precinct. Sun said police have identified a main suspect and launched a search.

Cousins The two victims were cousins surnamed Tsai (��), according to precinct’s preliminary investigation. Both were residents of Greater Taichung and neither had a criminal record nor ties with organized crime. The registered owner of the vehicle, identified as one victim’s mother, told police that her son and nephew had borrowed it for a recreational trip to Taipei. Both victims suffered three gunshots to the head. Residual gunpowder along entry points indicates that they were shot at close range, execution-style, Sun said.

Surveillance Footage Police said the shooting occurred early in the afternoon yesterday on the sixth floor of Taipei’s E-mei (�o��) parking garage. According to a preliminary review of video surveillance footage, the suspect and victims entered the parking garage together by car. After the vehicle was parked, the 24-year-old victim left to buy beverages. The suspect likely shot the 21-year-old victim first, following a verbal altercation. The victim suffered three gunshot wounds to the head and was dragged back into the car after the shooting. The 24-year-old victim was shot second, after returning to the vehicle with beverages. Upon seeing the dead victim in the car, he turned to flee and was fatally shot by the suspect.

No Weapon Police found six 9mm bullet casings outside the vehicle, along with two bullet holes in its body. They did not find the handgun used in the shootings. Footage shows that during the shooting, one vehicle entered the parking garage. After the shooting and before police notification, no vehicles entered or exited the scene. Police have sealed off the premises for investigation.