Ko to discuss Athletes’ Village concerns with Chu

By Chi-hao James Lo, The China Post

Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je (�_����) yesterday said that he will talk about the ongoing concerns with the 2017 Taipei Summer Universiade (�O�_�@�ɤj�ǹB�ʷ|) Athletes’ Village with New Taipei City Mayor Eric Chu (���߭�) in a Taipei-New Taipei City discussion. Previously, the Taipei City Government brought to light problems with the village’s post-Universiade management when it will be transformed into a government housing project.

Specifically, although the village is constructed and will be managed by Taipei City prior to and during the Universiade, the rights to the property and the following reconstruction responsibilities will be transferred to New Taipei City at the conclusion of the sports event. Not only did Ko criticized the fact that no meetings regarding the transfer and its necessary procedures have been finalized or scheduled between the cities, the mayor also recently stated that the Taipei City Government is seeking ownership of half of the government-owned household units, creating speculation that Ko and Chu would eventually have an open debate for the rights. In a public interview yesterday, Ko said that the theories are all hearsay and that he and Chu retain a very positive relationship. The mayor said that although no details or ideas have been discussed, his current plan is to set up a rental company that serves as an envoy to Taipei and New Taipei combined, which would be responsible for managing the housing project and its tenants from and for both cities. In response to media questions concerning whether the mayor is stern on acquiring 50 percent of the project’s ownership, Ko said that it all depends on the details of an agreement, if one were to be made. As the construction of the village was paid for by the central government, Ko said Taipei City is not in a place to make any demands. Ko to Meet with Farglory Next Week Following Ko and Farglory Group’s (��������) statements regarding the Taipei Dome (�x�_�j���J) underpass the day before, Ko’s stated yesterday that he has tasked the city government with scheduling a meeting with the company next week. The consortium’s chairman, Chao Teng-hsiung (���ö�), had responded publicly the day before to Ko’s previous position in terminating the construction of the dome’s underground passage connecting to Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall (���������]). Chao had said that the tree removal is a crucial necessity to the safety of the construction project, as the underpass will serve as an exit for athletes during the sports event and a route for evacuation and escape for future visitors to the arena. Farglory released a public statement following Ko’s, which thanked the mayor for the opportunity to explain the current situation face-to-face. The consortium said that they have also prepped a two-page condensed information report for Ko, which seeks to update the mayor on the previous problems and the most current progress of the construction project.