NDC chief resigns, to be replaced by Duh

By Katherine Wei ,The China Post

The Executive Yuan announced late last night that the resignation of National Development Council (NDC, ���o�|) Minister Kuan Chung-ming (�ޤ��{) was accepted by Premier Mao Chih-kuo (���v��) and Minister without Portfolio Duh Tyzz-jiun (�����x) will take over Kuan’s position The announcement comes following the Cabinet’s earlier refusal to comment on whether Kuan would be resigning in spite of numerous local media reports. It was reported that Kuan had tendered his resignation to Premier Mao Chi-kuo (���v��), and suggested that he would be returning to a teaching post in the future. Despite stating only two days ago that his current primary focus was ��to perform well at his job,�� Kuan allegedly tendered his resignation to Mao last week, local media reported. The resignation was supposedly approved by Mao and President Ma Ying-jeou already, allowing Kuan to leave his post before Chinese New Year, as Kuan has completed a ��mission stage��: the creative innovation park that will be situated on the original site of the Taipei Flower Expo. Kuan had stepped into his position as the minister of the Council for Economic Planning and Development in February 2013, and after the government altered the council’s structure and renamed it, Kuan became the first minister of the NDC in January 2014; he remained in his current position for nearly two years. The NDC had until late in the evening refused to comment on the reports of Kuan’s resignation, merely stating that it ��awaits the response of the Cabinet.�� However, Mao said through Cabinet spokesman Sun Lih-chyun (�]�߸s) yesterday that the allegations were the result of ��too much speculation�� and that there was nothing to comment on.

Kuan Expressed Intention

to Quit Last Year Following the en masse Cabinet resignation after the leading party’s major defeat in last year’s 9-in-1 Elections, Kuan had initially insisted on stepping down along with former Premier Jiang Yi-huah (���y��).

Kuan was adamant about leaving last December as he felt that the draft of the Free Economic Pilot Zones Special Act had been put on hold in the Legislature for too long, and he felt ��disappointed in the political scene.�� When Kuan was interviewed by members of the media last year, he had proposed that he may be returning to National Taiwan University to teach, as he had been transferred to the Cabinet from his teaching position. After Mao had stepped into office as Jiang’s successor, he eventually persuaded Kuan to stay and continue to help the NDC in passing its budget in the Legislative Yuan.

Sun had earlier revealed that the Cabinet was to make an official announcement regarding the reports of Kuan’s resignation ��once everything is clear.��

Not First Resignation under Mao Kuan is not the first Cabinet official to resign after Mao stepped into office. This week, Ma also approved of the resignations tendered by Defense Minister Yen Ming (�Y��), and local media have also reported the possible resignation of Council of Agriculture chief Chen Bao-ji (���O��), who may be departing from his post to take responsibility for the recent spread of the bird flu outbreak.