With a wink to ‘Twilight,’ Kristen Stewart speeds forward

By Jake Coyle, AP

NEW YORK — In ��The Clouds of Sils Maria,�� Kristen Stewart’s celebrity has been inverted. The paparazzi rush right past her.

She plays the efficient, constantly emailing assistant to Juliette Binoche’s famed European actress. Reading tabloid stories about a Hollywood starlet (played by Chloe Grace Moretz), she shrugs: ��It’s celebrity news. It’s fun.�� When she’s running through possible roles for her boss, the former ��Twilight�� star describes one film as having werewolves ��for some reason.��

��I had to seriously harness the glee that was exploding across my face when I was saying some of those lines,�� Stewart said in an interview. ��I don’t think that’s what the movie is fully about. It’s not a commentary about the insane nature of the media in the States, especially. But no one knows about that more than me.��

Stewart, 24, doesn’t seem so much like she’s fleeing her teen idol past as she’s already long gone, maybe just glancing back, with a wink. ��The Clouds of Sils Maria,�� directed by French filmmaker Olivier Assayas (��Carlos,�� ��Summer Hours��), which opens in theaters April 10, is part of a string of recent and upcoming films Stewart has made in a headlong rush.

��I’m having more fun now than I ever have,�� says Stewart. ��These movies go by (she snaps her fingers). We made ‘Camp X-Ray’ in 20 days. It’s just better when it’s faster.��

The frenetic pace is in stark contrast to the plodding demands of a five-film franchise like ��Twilight.�� The movies now are largely independent, and the roles (like in ��Sils Maria��) are often supporting or part of an ensemble. She co-starred as Julianne Moore’s daughter in ��Still Alice�� and played a Guantanamo guard in ��Camp X-Ray.�� She’s completed a science-fiction romance (��Equals��), a stoner thriller (��American Ultra��) and a New York mugging drama (��Anesthesia��). She’s been filming Kelly Reichardt’s adaptation of Maile Meloy short stories, and she’s to co-star in Woody Allen’s next film.

��Because of the lack of expectation of any of these movies, there were no moments that people had read in a book that were the most important thing in their lives,�� she says, referring to her ��Twilight�� role. ��I really let go.��

Shew adds she’s ��gotten a lot better at trusting myself and not thinking that you need to use these nerves and crazy inertia to convince everyone on the set that you’re legitimate.��

Stewart’s post-��Twilight�� work reveals (or perhaps reminds) that her nature is less as a megawatt star than an actress bent on naturalism, instinct and inquisitiveness. She has basically returned to making much the same kind of indies she made outside of ��Twilight��: ��Adventureland,�� ��Welcome to the Rileys,�� ��The Runaways.�� There’s a distinct lack of preciousness in choosing projects or any evident career-building.

��All my favorite actors are not people that go off and make these characters that are iron-clad perfect,�� Stewart says. ��I want to see people willing to go places they’re not determining. You want to see the surprise in people’s faces.��