Man arrested for alleged sexual offenses

The China Post news staff

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Taipei police arrested a male suspect for allegedly paying underage girls in return for sex, the Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB) has announced. The suspect surnamed Wang was arrested at his residence in Taipei on April 10. He is currently been investigated by the Taipei District Prosecutors Office for his alleged violation of the Child and Youth Sexual Transaction Prevention Act. According to the CIB, Wang has created a Facebook page under a pseudonym and used the account to send friend requests to underage girls, promising them to pay money in exchange for sex. Wang then would take the girls in question to a motel in Taipei City. After paying these girls for sex, Wang later immediately blocked their Facebook accounts to dodge responsibility.

He has allegedly been involved in such illicit activities since Dec. 2014 when at least a dozen underage girls had been victimized, the CIB said. Following months of investigations, Taipei police launched a raid to arrest Wang at his home on April 10. Police also confiscated his computer and cellphone during the raid. The CIB is calling for more victims of Wang’s perversions to report the case to the police to facilitate investigations.