Tsai avoids traffic ticket; ‘future vigilance’ promised

By Yuan-Ming Chiao, The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Chairwoman Tsai Ing-wen’s (���^��) staff driver drove away from a potential parking violation last week in New Taipei. Footage of the incident was posted on Facebook by the group ��Politics under the Footbridge�� (�Ѿ����U���F�v), showing police officers standing next to Tsai’s parked vehicle about to issue a violation. Tsai later entered the vehicle from the opposite side. The vehicle is shown driving away with Tsai onboard, with Tsai narrowly avoiding a ticket. Tsai was attending an event to collect Chinese-language books for new immigrants to Taiwan. Her business vehicle was illegally parked in an alleyway on Xingnan Road of Zhongehe District. After the event ran longer than scheduled, the footage showed two officers preparing to write up the violation. Tsai then allegedly walked toward the officers, waved her hands a few times and was chauffeured from the scene. DPP spokesman Chen Yun-peng (�G�B�P) stated that due to time constraints, it is inevitable that at times traffic conditions are not always observed. He said that in the future, Tsai would be more careful. He added that ��we support the police enforcement of the law and will not use any means to make things difficult for them.�� The officer on duty said that he knocked on the window of the white minivan to advise the driver, but did not know that the vehicle belonged to Tsai.

DPP Legislator Accused of Abusing Privilege 77 Times Meanwhile, after former National Security Council (NSC) Secretary-General King Pu-tsung (�����o) drew out DPP Legislator Tuan Yi-kang (�q�y�d) yesterday for voiding traffic violations when he served as a Taipei City councilman, a local paper ramped up the number of incidents involving the lawmaker.