Taiwan loses Asia crown in THE 100 Under 50 rankings

By Chi-hao James Lo ,The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Renowned London-based weekly magazine Times Higher Education (THE) today published the 2015 ��Times Higher Education 100 Under 50�� rankings, showing that Taiwan has lost its status as the number one Asian nation in terms of representative numbers. This year marks the fourth publication of the ranking, which is unlike that of THE’s famed World University Rankings that seeks to examine the performance of colleges around the globe, and is instead an analysis of the world’s top 100 universities that are less than 50 years old. The rankings feature renowned universities with the potential to become the next Ivy League-caliber institutions that were founded no earlier than 1965. Due to the quality of the list that requires it to be updated on a yearly basis based within the timeline of 50 years, universities from 28 regions are showcased this year, as opposed to 29 from the last that included colleges established in 1964. According to THE, while the list adopts the same comprehensive range of 13 performance indicators that are used to produce the highly regarded THE World University Rankings, the indicators have been recalibrated through a special methodology to reflect the character and development priorities of young institutions around the world. Through the combination of traditional and newly implemented techniques, the 100 Under 50 list displays to its readers the nations that could challenge the United States and the United Kingdom as the next authority in education.