Couple busted in NT$8.5 mil. insurance scam

By Sun Hsin-hsun, The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — A 31-year-old Taiwanese woman named Liu Yuan-ke (�B���i) was taken into custody yesterday for allegedly committing insurance fraud worth more than NT$8.5 million with her 32-year-old Burmese-Chinese boyfriend Tseng Ruei-cheng (���禨), the Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB, �D�Ƨ�) has said. Liu and Tseng bought NT$500,000 worth of life insurance from Mercuries Life Insurance Ltd. (�T�Ӭ����H��) and NT$8 million worth of travel insurance from Nan Shan Life Insurance (�n�s�H��) in May 2012, before departing for a trip to Myanmar in October 2012, said CIB agents.

Liu then allegedly faked her death, and Tseng held a memorial ceremony for her in Myanmar, even taking photos of her lying in a coffin to back up the scam, said the police. Tseng then bought a fake death certificate with a NT$10,000 bribe from a Myanmar hospital, and returned to Taiwan to claim insurance money, said the police. According to the CIB, Tseng received a NT$500,000 payout from Mercuries Life Insurance Ltd., Nan Shan, however, were suspicious, and following normal procedure when a death occurs overseas, asked the CIB to investigate in July 2014.

After investigation, the CIB discovered that no relatives of Liu had traveled to Myanmar for the funeral in 2012. Moreover, no doctor at the Myanmar hospital matched the name of the doctor on the fake death certificate, said agents. Tseng continued to travel back and forth between Taiwan and Myanmar after 2012, staying for only a few days in Taiwan yet for several months in Myanmar, which made the CIB suspect that Liu may be alive in Myanmar, officials said. Tseng Taken into Custody The CIB said they took Tseng into custody in April 2015 after he returned to Taiwan from Myanmar. He then admitted to the insurance scam.

According to CIB agents, Tseng met Liu seven years ago in Myanmar, and they then started a life together in Taipei, however, when they found themselves unemployed and in debt of NT$300,000 to credit card companies three years ago, they came up with the plan to defraud money from insurance companies, move to Myanmar, and never return to Taiwan again. Following Tseng’s testimony, the CIB summoned Liu back to Taiwan, and took her into custody last night at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport.

According to the CIB, Liu and Tseng are charged with fraud and forgery, and the case will be followed up by the Taipei District Prosecutors Office (�x�_�a�˸p).