DPP is anti-privilege, not anti-business: chairwoman

By Katherine Wei, The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Chairwoman Tsai Ing-wen (���^��) said yesterday that the main opposition party has never been anti-business but is in fact only opposed to special privileges. Tsai made the remark during her visit yesterday to the Chinese National Federation of Industries (CNFI, �u�`). The chairwoman had announced her bid to run for president last month, and made three promises yesterday that should the DPP step into power, she would form a strong executive team that would become ��the most communicative government in Taiwan’s history.�� Tsai has been going on visits to DPP mayors and magistrates throughout Taiwan recently, hoping to discuss her plans for the elections and to receive advice from her fellow party members. Visits were also paid to civilian groups as well as representatives of various industries, hence her visit to the CNFI. Meeting with CNFI Chairman Rock Hsu (�\�Ӷ�) and many ranking officials, Tsai said that she ��felt right at home.�� ��I’ve been a board member and consultant for the CNFI in the past for over 10 years, so I am not unfamiliar with this place. We are sitting down today to discuss and locate a path for Taiwan’s economic development,�� said Tsai. ��I have come prepared today. The business community seemed to feel that the DPP has kept its distance from it, but actually, as a party getting ready to step into power, we will listen to different opinions from different stances. We will not listen to one side only, and we are grouping people with different viewpoints together in hopes of brainstorming a way to resolve these issues,�� said Tsai. Despite the different opinions from society, the quests for equality, justice and business development should not contradict each other, said Tsai. ��The DPP wants to achieve a win-win situation for the people, the businesses and the government.�� ��Taiwan is a small place. When it comes to global competition, we are in fact lacking in strength, so we are in no place to get stuck in prolonged conflicts. The government should build its credibility, and a platform for society to communicate with industries, communities and local government chapters,�� said Tsai. DPP Values Excellent Industries: Tsai Industries and businesses are the main power behind economic development, and are the providers of job opportunities, said Tsai. ��The DPP values Taiwan’s excellent industries and respects those who are willing to shoulder social responsibilities.�� Tsai also talked about her expectations for her future Cabinet members.

��They should possess a trained eye to solve problems, and the ability to listen to voices from all sides, as well as the ability to settle disputes and disagreements. I expect them to propose policies that are stable and realistic, to put executive efficiency first and to promote reform policies bravely, breaking through laws that are out of date,�� said Tsai.