BMW says ‘confident’ for 2015 after ‘good start’ in first quarter


FRANKFURT–German automaker BMW said Wednesday it was confident about the outlook for 2015 after getting off to a good start in the first three months.

BMW said it ��reaffirms its targets for the full year. (We) can look ahead to the rest of the year with confidence.�� In the period from January to March, group revenues grew significantly by 14.7 percent to 20.917 billion euros (US$23.5 billion). Underlying or operating profit rose by 20.6 percent to 2.521 billion euros and net profit came in at 1.516 billion euros, up 4.0 percent on the year.

Unit sales climbed by 8.1 percent to 526,669 units, ��thus setting a new record for the period,�� the statement said. Economic conditions in some regions ��will, however, continue to pose challenges. The situation on the Russian automobile market, for instance, is likely to remain difficult. The ongoing process of normalization of the Chinese automobile market is also likely to continue, resulting in less dynamic growth,�� Reithofer cautioned.