TransAsia embarrassed by yet another engine failure incident

By Sun Hsin-hsuan, The China Post

A TransAsia Airways (�_������) aircraft, flight number GE5042, reported an engine failure yesterday 10 minutes after takeoff, according to the Civil Aeronautics Administration (FAA, ���觽). An ATR72-500 commercial aircraft registered to TransAsia Airways took off yesterday at 12:10 p.m. from Magong Airport (��������) with 16 passengers on board, according to TransAsia Airways. One of the engines suddenly stopped running 10 minutes after takeoff, and the Maritime and Port Bureau was immediately notified, according to the CAA officials. As the engine failure occurred when the aircraft had reached higher altitudes, the pilot had time to restart the engine, following standard air-start procedures. The aircraft was then safety landed at Taipei Songshan Airport (�Q�s����) at 12:58, with both engines running, officials said. Technicians began examining the engine as soon as the plane landed and was secured. According to the CAA, the failed engine was just installed last October, with its flight hours reaching 1560 hours.

The CAA officials are currently looking into the maintenance records of the engine, and have also requested to examine three other ATR72-500 aircraft owned by TransAsia Airways. Until officials discover the reason for the engine failure, that particular model of engine is not to be used by any commercial airline.