Enjoy taste of ROC at Taiwan Culinary Exhibition

The China Post news staff

The Taiwan Culinary Exhibition (TCE) will be held from July 17 to July 20 in areas A and D of Taipei World Trade Center’s Hall 1 and the exhibition will be bigger than ever, said the TCE in a press release yesterday.

The theme of the TCE this year is ��Taiwan’s Fine Food Era.�� There will be highlights at every turn in the ��Food Art,�� ��Food Utensils,�� ��Food Stuff,�� ��Food Journey,�� and ��Gifts�� exhibition areas, giving Taiwan’s fine food a stage for exhibition from production area to dinner table, the TCE stated.

More than 30 famous chefs will combine premium creative dishes from 5-star hotels and precious jade food utensils carved by renowned Hualien artist Wu Yi-sheng, displaying the ��encounter between Eastern aesthetics and international delicious flavors,�� said the TCE

Visitors will be able to see famous chefs from Taiwan and overseas try to outcook each other using local ingredients. Indigenous and Hakka Food TCE will also feature a cooking competition this year, the aim being to nurture young talents and, through the exchange facilitated by the competition, raise the level of culinary skills in Taiwan.

There are 16 officially recognized indigenous tribes in Taiwan, each with its own history, and cuisine culture. The area offers an excellent chance to taste the essence of the culture and the distinctive cuisines of Taiwan’s indigenous peoples. Hakka cuisine conveys the frugality, hospitality, and life attitude of the Hakka people. In the past, Hakka dishes were salty, strong-flavored, and oily. While retaining the core elements of Hakka cuisine, this restaurant has improved Hakka dishes, toning down the strong flavors while retaining the enticing aromas, giving them a whole new healthier look, the TCE stated. Food Utensils The food utensils area will display new food utensils specially designed for the most popular Taiwan Small Eats, the ��Era of Treasuring Things�� area will have a master craftsman showing the traditional skill of bowl repairing, and the ��Classic Food Utensils�� area will have exchange and works available for purchase, allowing you to experience the different aspects of food utensils culture in Taiwan, said the TCE Aromatic Taiwan Research has shown that Taiwan has more than 100 native herbs and spices. As well as well-known Chinese basil and Chinese toona, there are many herbs and spices still waiting to be discovered. In fact, various herbs and spices are around us every day in Taiwan. This area will provide an experience that will satisfy the senses. Famous chefs have been invited to share their tips in this area, and share the dishes of herbs and spices and their uses in cooking, according to the TCE. Taiwanese Delicacies This area invites vendors from the Taipei Business District & Industrial Confederation to exhibit, sell and have a taste of Taiwanese Small Eats for visitors including Pig’s Blood Cake, Braised Pork Rice, Oyster Omelets, Salt-flavored Chicken, Tieguanyin Ice Cream, Pearl Milk Tea and other classic and creative snacks, all allowing discerning diners to satisfy their stomach, said the TCE.