Taipei should keep citizens informed of Dome decisions

The China Post news staff

The Taipei Dome row seems like a never-ending story packed with twists and intrigue. But the Taipei City Government must tell the citizens, and the nation in general, when and how this row is going to end, and what is really going on behind the scenes. It could turn into a horror story if there is truth in the city government’s warning about the closed baseball stadium’s threat to public safety. Of course there are a lot of technical aspects to the dispute that the general public may not be able to grasp, but that doesn’t mean that the city government should keep us in the dark. We are not saying that the city government is not telling the citizens anything about the controversy, but we need to know more, particularly in the wake of the latest decision on suspending construction on the project due to structural problems. Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je has been mostly trusted by the citizens since elected to the post on a platform promising changes and transparency. But that doesn’t mean a blank check for him from the citizens. He can’t suspend the Dome construction without showing the citizens all the evidence there is in support of such a decision.

The city and Farglory have provided different evaluations of the stadium’s capability of handling emergency situations: the former determines that swift evacuation during an emergency will be impossible, but the latter argues that the city government has used an unrealistic computer simulation model to do the assessment. Which one are we going to believe? At least the city government has shown us how the evaluation was done. But the argument over the evacuation would be totally irrelevant if the latest row over the stadium’s structural problem resulted in the city deciding to terminate its construction.