CIB shuts down website allegedly offering access to pirated content

The China Post news staff

TAIPEI, Taiwan — The Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB, �D�Ƨ�) recently shut down an illegal online movie website that was accused of offering its users access to pirated films, including Fast & Furious 7.

The site,, one of the largest illegal movie and TV websites in Taiwan, was shut down following a raid on May 14, the CIB said in a released statement. During the raid, police authorities arrested the chief suspect, a South Korean national surnamed Jo, at the suspect’s home in the Tienmu area of Taipei.

Police also seized the computers and servers that were used to run the illicit website during the raid. According to the CIB, the website established by Jo and his wife had a large number of illegally obtained movies and TV shows available for users to download. Users had to pay to see the pirated films. The website also encouraged users to upload pirated films to the website, said the CIB. Jo and his wife, surnamed Liang, were originally operating an import-export company in Taiwan. They founded the illicit site to earn extra money but the move is a clear violation of the Copyright Act, the CIB said. The CIB urged nationals not to visit such illegal movie websites. The case is now being investigated by the Shihlin District Prosecutors Office.