Penn State frat linked to nude photos shut down for 3 years

By Mark Scolforo, AP

HARRISBURG, Pennsylvania–A fraternity linked to a secret Facebook page on which photos of nude and semi-nude women were posted was shut down by Penn State for at least three years on Tuesday after the university’s Interfraternity Council recommended a milder punishment.

Penn State said its investigation found some Kappa Delta Rho members had engaged in sexual harassment, hazing that included boxing matches and a ��persistent climate of humiliation for several females.��

The university’s vice president for student affairs, Damon Sims, said not all the fraternity’s members were equally culpable.

��Even so, the sum of the organizational misbehaviors is far more than the university can tolerate from a student organization that seeks its imprimatur,�� Sims said.

The university canceled the fraternity’s recognition as a campus organization as of Tuesday, a status that will remain until May 2018.

A phone message left at the State College chapter house wasn’t returned. An email sent to chapter president Tom Friel’s university account also wasn’t returned. A phone number for the president of the chapter’s alumni corporation rang several times before the line went dead.

Penn State said it found members had forced pledges to run errands, clean the house, participate in boxing matches and maintain a painful posture similar to a pushup position, called a plank, with bottle caps under their elbows. Pledges also produced stories with pornographic images and what was described as a sex position of the day. The university said underage drinking and drug sales and use also were problems.

Two women, the university said, were subjected to persistent harassment.

��The investigative report makes clear that some members of the KDR chapter promoted a culture of harassing behavior and degradation of women,�� Sims said.