Man institutionalized for stalking Mila Kunis flees

By Raquel Maria Dillon, AP

LOS ANGELES–A man sentenced for stalking actress Mila Kunis escaped from a mental health facility over the weekend and was being sought by authorities in Southern California on Monday.

Stuart Lynn Dunn disappeared around 7:30 p.m. Saturday from the Olive Vista Behavioral Health Center in Pomona, said Deputy Chief Reaver Bingham of the Los Angeles County Probation Department.

Dunn climbed out a small window of a bathroom and then scaled a barbed-wire fence.

��He went in to take a shower, and when he didn’t come out they went in to check on him,�� Bingham said.

Law enforcement authorities were actively searching for him, but he had no known local contacts and there were no leads, Bingham said.

��We’re treating him as dangerous,�� he said. ��We never know the state of mind of an individual. He does have a fixation on the original victim, so that’s why.��

Kunis was personally notified of the escape, he said.

Asked if she was being given protection, Bingham said there is a law enforcement protocol for such situations but he was not at liberty to discuss it. He did not know what private measures she may have taken.