1/2 of rain boots contain plasticizers: CF

By Megan van Vegten ,The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Six out of 12 children’s rain boots tested positive for excessive plasticizers, according to a Consumers’ Foundation (CF, �����|) study released yesterday. The six samples, which were selected randomly from shops, markets and online stores in Taiwan, will be removed from shelves. The CF conducted the survey in cooperation with the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection (�з����秽) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (�g�ٳ�). The 12 samples tested within national safety standards for heavy metal content: lead, cadmium, mercury, arsenic, selenium, chromium, antimony and barium. But half of the same 12 samples contained plasticizers at 20.7 percent to 29.3 percent of the total mass, which exceeds the national safety standard of 0.1 percent, according to the foundation. The six products are brandless, but are not unregulated goods sold at a market stall: The majority of the samples were sold through large corporations, with two products marketed on the online store of Fubon Media Technology Co., Ltd, in Taipei. Another two products came from the online store Super Mall from Yahoo’s Baby Bear Mummy store in Greater Taoyuan and Pretty Shop in Greater Taichung. One sample was retrieved from a trading company in Greater Tainan.

The six samples contain plasticizers in concentrations that exceed the national permissible limit, so the bureau will be removing the products from the shelves according to the Consumer Protection Law. In addition, nine samples do not meet national safety standards for footwear and will be referred to the Economics Ministry for handling, the CF said.