Malaysia detains 4 over nude pix on quake-hit peak


KUALA LUMPUR — Malaysian authorities have detained four tourists �X two Canadians, a Briton and one Dutch national �X for allegedly stripping naked on Mount Kinabalu, an act some locals say angered tribal spirits and caused a deadly earthquake, officials said. Pictures of 10 naked tourists had spread on social media and infuriated locals following the 6.0-magnitude quake that struck near the mountain on Friday and killed 18 people. Six other tourists are still apparently at large, according to police. Mount Kinabalu, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and popular climbing destination, is considered sacred by Malaysia’s Kadazan Dusun tribal group, who believe it is a resting place for spirits.

��We detained all four of them on Tuesday… and yes we are still searching for the other six tourists, and we will catch them,�� said Jalaluddin Abdul Rahman, the police commissioner for the Malaysian State of Sabah where the mountain is located. Jalaluddin said those detained might be charged for causing public nuisance.