TWSE and TPEx hold corporate governance evaluation award event

The China Post news staff

TAIPEI, Taiwan — The Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE, �x�W�Ҩ�������) and Taipei Exchange (TPEx) jointly held a grand award ceremony at the Taipei International Convention Center yesterday to honor the companies ranked in the top 5 percent of the first corporate governance evaluation, according to a press release from the TWSE. The awards were also handed out to the companies that ranked in the top 5 percent on the announced list for the growth in average employee compensation in 2014, which were 10 TWSE-listed and 5 TPEx-listed companies, the TWSE said.

The TWSE stated that results of the first corporate governance evaluation were officially released on April 30. In accordance with the ��Corporate Governance Roadmap,�� companies that ranked in the top 20 percent were announced for the first year to reward outstanding companies and make them serve as the benchmark.

The awarded companies not only comply with laws and show self-discipline, but also proactively take the initiative to improve their own corporate governance practices, said the TWSE.

Looking at the 2014 average return on equity (ROE), TWSE-listed and TPEx-listed companies ranked in the top 5 percent are 10.82 percent and 13.19 percent, respectively. These figures were also better than the rest of the TWSE-listed and TPEx-listed companies, which were 6.57 percent and 4.14 percent, respectively. This suggests that companies that had a good performance in this evaluation also have outstanding operating performance, the TWSE stated.

The TWSE invited Tseng Ming-Chung (���ʩv), chairperson of the Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC, ���޷|), to present the awards at the ceremony. Additionally, representatives from major funds, the Securities Investment Trust & Consulting Association (SITCA), Taiwan Securities Association (TSA) and corporate governance-related organizations were also invited to join the event. Through this corporate governance evaluation, the TWSE Corporate Governance Center hopes to identify role models and incorporate benchmark functions to encourage companies to pay more attention to corporate governance, thereby shaping its culture, said the TWSE.